Introducing my New Website!

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I’m very excited to launch my new website. Though my previous website was professional looking, I feel this one really captures who I am and what I do.

As I launch this we’re in the midst of the pandemic, but I love to travel so my wonderful website designer, Carolyn McNall, did a hand drawing of a photo taken on my 2018 trip to Portugal (the header for all my home page and a version for the banner on all other pages). I was enjoying chocolate gelato when a travelling companion snapped this photo. I really feel like that photo exudes my joy of both travel and chocolate gelato. Here’s to further travels soon.

Carolyn did an amazing job with the Portfolio page (a lot of work on her part) and the Services Pages, particularly the Content Creator page with subheads.

If you want a WordPress website I highly recommend Carolyn. She’s talented and easy to work with and knows WordPress inside out. Special thanks also goes to to Marlene Cornelis who is a fantastic food blogger and owner of Veranda Editorial professional writing and editing services, and Simone Graham, award-winning writer, editor, book developer, and business communicator, for their editing eyes.

Now that I’ve set up categories for my blogs, I plan to post blogs on writing-related topics more often. You can see some of the categories on the Blog page (right-hand side). I hope you’ll sign up to get alerts about when I post on my blog. There’s a lot of valuable and interesting information coming soon.

You can also follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook (business page) and Twitter, where I regularly post links to information about writing, freelance writing, markets for freelance writers, and so much more.

I’d love your input about any topics you’d like to see tackled here related to writing, the writing life, blogging, writing tips – basically anything related to non-fiction and freelance writing.

And please let me know what you think of this new website.